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by Terry Domico

The Thylacine was the largest marsupial predator in human history. Unfortunately, like most wild animals that develop a taste for domestic stock, they were mercilessly hunted by stockmen and farmers. This species finally went extinct in 1936 when the only captive Thylacine in the world died at Tasmania’s Hobart Zoo.

Since then, there have a string of mysterious sightings of this animal. However, not one of these encounters has ever been confirmed by wildlife authorities. Until now.

THE LAST THYLACINE is the gripping tale of Matthew Clark, a field biologist who actually beholds this supposedly extinct animal. Matthew reports the sighting to his employer and through an awkward set of circumstances, he is fired from his job. This reversal marks only the beginning of Matthew’s amazing adventure…

ISBN: 1-883385-15-6
Fiction: Outdoor Adventure/Nature
  235 pages
  Published simultaneously in the United States and Australia
  $13.95 US
  $18.95 in Canada
  $22.95 in Australia

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