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by Steve Yates


The author is our personal guide on a Pacific Northwest nature cruise through one of earth’s richest and most scenic fjordlands: the Salish Sea – Washington’s Puget Sound and British Columbia’s Georgia Strait.

We follow in the wake of graceful Salish Indian canoes, the tall ships of 18th Century Spanish and British explorers, and the research boats of modern marine biologists – through an intricate realm shared by 2,000 colorful animal species and the four million people now living along its shores.

Join a pod of killer whales off the spectacular Gulf and San Juan Islands. Climb 14,410- foot-high Mount Rainier for an imaginative ringside seat as the immense Cordilleran ice sheet grinds southward to carve the Salish Sea’s deep fjord and scenic shores.

Kayak to an island of 20,000 rhinoceros auklets and tufted puffins. Explore the tidepools of a cobble beach at low tide. Scuba dive to meet the wolf-eel and giant octopus. Follow salmon upriver as they spawn and die; and their smolts down river to the vast watershed’s saltmarsh deltas, eelgrass meadows, and seaweed jungles.

180 stunning images by the Pacific Northwest’s finest nature photographers showcase the scenic wonders and spectacular marine wildlife of the Salish Sea.

Here’s what people say about this book:

“A joyful, colorful tour through the Salish Sea with a guide who knows the sea world in all its diversity… A very educational and beautiful volume to enjoy over and over.”
-Outdoors West

“Irresistible… a book to linger over… a unique view of our natural history.”
- Victoria Times-Colonist

“A stunning pictorial display.”
- New Book Highlights

“… Beautifully illustrated with color photographs by top nature photographers such as Art Wolfe, Doug Wechsler, and Ken Balcolm… not just another coffee table ornament… This book is a powerful argument for caring.”
- Earthcare Northwest

ISBN: 1-882175-00-X
  240 pages, lavishly illustrated with color photography (Oversized)
  $29.95 US

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